Lisa Schermerhorn | You Sabotage Yourself Unconsciously
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You Sabotage Yourself Unconsciously

You Are Not Your Own Best Friend!
Do you ever try and create new goals for yourself?  How often are you successful?
How many times do we say we want to lose weight, make more money, stop drinking, stop smoking, or unplug from social media?
How’s it working for you so far?
Are you aware that from birth to about nineteen years of age, your brain is in the state of being programmed? Children’s brain frequencies are very different from those of adults.  They are much slower, allowing children to absorb large amounts of information and their memories are stored there as well.
Your programming is your normal
Your beliefs such as:
What love is, how to relationship, what food means to you, how smart you are, your religion/faith, your culture, or anything traumatic that has happened in your life is buried deep inside you.  Most of us try to suppress those feelings and choose not to deal with them causing us to develop addictions that allow us to numb our feelings or stuff those feelings down.  Those feelings don’t go away, they just stay there under the surface causing us to behave in ways we wish we didn’t.


Beliefs are most often unconscious.  How many times do we do things over and over and we don’t even know why?
Even though those beliefs are programmed into us at a very young age,
they often sabotage us throughout most of our adult life unless we access those beliefs and change them.
How cool would it be to talk to the part sabotaging you and making you eat mindlessly or making smoke just one more cigarette and give it a new job?
Hypnosis is one tool that can do just that.
Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!
By accessing your beliefs and changing them it will change the way you see the world.  If food is no longer love or comfort, you won’t have to numb yourself by eating.  If a cigarette is no longer your friend or has the ability to help you destress, you won’t have the desire for another cigarette.  Getting to the root cause and healing the wound is the only way to be your own best friend.
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