Are you an Empath or Empathetic? - Lisa Schermerhorn
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Are you an Empath or Empathetic?

Does your aura look like this?

Recently I posted an article on Facebook about people who are Empaths, also known as people who feel or take on what other people are feeling or experiencing.  Many people reached out to me about having this issue, but they were unaware that there was a word for it or that there was anything that they could do about it.

When I first began my Healing Practice, I noticed that I couldn’t stop thinking about my clients after they left.  I also had a client with a bad shoulder and after he left my office my shoulder began to ache.  The clincher was when my son got sick with a 103 degree fever and I rushed him to the pediatrician.  The doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia and as soon as she said those words, I collapsed in her office. She rushed me to the radiologist to have a chest x-ray because I began to come down with my son’s symptoms.  The problem was, my x-ray showed that my lungs were clear and there was nothing wrong with me! I searched to find people to help me and all of them told me to just stop it.  Imagine how frustrated I was spending money to hear someone say that to me?  It reminds me of one of my favorite comedy bits by Bob Newhart called, ” Just Stop It!

After a year, I finally found someone who helped me understand that the Aura of an Empath looks different than a “normal” person’s Aura.  An Empath is more susceptible to other people’s energy.  You feel more than others.  People might call you overly sensitive, but it’s real.

The most important thing is to constantly be aware of your energetic hygiene.  There are many ways to clear your energy field using smudge (burning sage),  visualize white light entering your body, cutting energetic cords, as well as having awareness if an issue or feeling belongs to you or to someone else.  If you suspect it belongs to someone else, demand that it leave.

Taking on other people’s stuff makes two people dysfunctional instead of one.  It is not helpful to try to take someone’s pain away, it is enabling them.  Pain can be one of the greatest gifts we can have.  How else can we overcome adversity, change, and become better people if we are not out of our comfort zone?  When a loved one is having a difficult time, understand it’s their journey, not yours.  Being a support system is important, but it’s critical not to take it on.  Not only is it damaging to the other person,  it damages yourself because it takes you away from your journey and dealing with your life.

Having healthy boundaries is one of the best things an Empath can do for themselves. An Empathwith boundaries is Empathetic.  Developing boundaries was also one of the hardest things I had to learn to do for myself, they felt mean at first.

Being an Empath is a gift when you can transform it into becoming Empathetic; meaning being cognizant of and comprehending the needs, feelings, problems, and views of others without taking it on. (

If this is an issue for you, there is help.  Feel free to contact me at

Lisa Schermerhorn is a Personal Development Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Energy Medicine Practitioner.

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