Burnout - Lisa Schermerhorn
“Even Shark Tank Billionaire Mark Cuban calls kindness is a hidden secret to success. He says it takes more than work ethic and negotiation skills to be effective in business. “One of the most underrated skills in business right now is being nice. Nice sells,” he said.
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Reach Your Goals and Make Extra Time for the People You Love Most. Get Your Life, Health and Leadership Back!


What is burnout? It is a prolonged state of absolute mental and physical exhaustion. Burnout affects millions in the workforce annually. One study shows that 54%  of people in high pressure or high-stress careers suffer from burnout. One major cause of burnout is working in a socially toxic workplace,” one that lacks support and transparency from supervisors and colleagues.


Another cause of burnout is striving to be perfect. Did you know that perfectionism can actually compromise your job performance? You can get caught up  in the details and devote too much time into a project and slow down your productivity.


There are several different ways burnout manifests in your  life, lack of interest, a feeling of hopelessness, absolute exhaustion, feeling a lack of accomplishment even though you just completed something big, weakened immune system, anxiety, insomnia, inability to focus, lack of emotional connection, PTSD, and anger. This is serious stuff.


Lisa uses her expertise to help you develop goals that are achievable, prioritize your workload and shows you how to make your stress levels more manageable.

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