Coaching - Lisa Schermerhorn
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Are you ready to look at the mental beliefs that are keeping your goals out of reach?
Are you ready to make real changes?

Book a one on one session with Lisa today.

Clarity Coaching

What are the obstacles that are holding you back?

Did you know there are thoughts, patterns, habits, excuses and behaviors that keep you from reaching your full potential?

Do you want circumstances to remain the same? Or do you want to be empowered?

  • Are you ready to make real changes?
  • Are you wondering who the real you is?
  • Are you ready to look at the mental beliefs that are keeping your goals out of reach?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Are you on the brink of a career change?
  • Do you want to reduce the stress in your life and enhance your wellness?
  • Do you want to change your internal dialogue?
  • Do you feel unfulfilled and believe it’s possible to change?
  • Are you are trying to decide whether a certain relationship is really is for you?
  • Are you finally prepared to pursue your passion?
  • Are you ready for a life filled with more choices?
  • Are you ready to find fulfillment and purpose?

It’s time to find your authentic self and discover what you are here to do. We will find your gifts and remove those fears. You will no longer be a victim. You will stop being a people pleaser. And you will learn the skills to help you discover your power!

Weight Loss – Get to the Root Cause


Anyone can lose weight. But…


Very few can keep it off long term & maintain good health. There are numerous causes of obesity and chief among them are improper eating habits. Much like smoking, drinking and other addictions, food is often used by people as a means of comfort and escape or to satisfy a compulsion.




Unlike tobacco, caffeine, alcohol and other substances, food is vital for life itself; we ALL MUST EAT! That is why food addiction is so powerful and baffling. Overweight people have no choice but to continue eating while alcohol, drug or tobacco addicts can abstain 100% from their vices without ill effect.


Gastric Band Hypnosis Goes beyond Weight Loss


Lisa Schermerhorn is a Certified Hypnotist and licensed Practitioner of Thinner Band Hypnosis™, a powerful and effective weight management program that helps people overcome their core issues


Direct Your Subconscious Mind


The overweight sufferer must undergo a major transformation of eating habits and his relationship to food. The change must take place within. Lisa Schermerhorn goes to the core of the problem and solves it for life – a happier and more active life!


Thinner Band Hypnosis™ treatments direct your subconscious mind to automatically, effortlessly, and pleasantly create healthy and slimming eating habits. Lisa goes to the core of the problem because that is the only place where permanent healthy change can take root. The results are almost immediate and the change is lifelong.


Program Designed Specifically for You


Each of Lisa Schermerhorn’s clients brings his or her individual causes, reasons and triggers for improper eating habits. Your sessions will be specifically designed to address all that’s unique about you and your relationship with food. You can finally be empowered to maintain your ideal weight naturally and for a lifetime!

Learn how Lisa can help you break free of unhealthy eating habits!

Winner Mindset

Improve Your Golf Game!

Increase Your Confidence on the Ski Slopes!

Be More Relaxed Playing Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Baseball or Soccer!

Enjoy Your Sport While Improving Your Performance!


Are you looking to take your sport to the next level?


The truth is you already know what you have to do to improve your game.

The question is, why aren’t you doing something about it?

You can take all the lessons. You can practice for hours. But if you don’t take care of the most important issue your sport will NEVER be as good as you want it to be.

Lisa Schermerhorn can give you the tools to conquer the one thing standing between you and the best results of your life… the Mental Game.


Let Lisa Schermerhorn Help You Conquer the Mental Game of Sports!

Lisa trained with Bob Reese, former trainer for the NY Jets.


Lisa teaches athletes how to improve their performance, focus, and concentration.


Are you looking to improve your sport?


  • Are you frustrated with the thoughts in your head?
  • Are you performing as well as you’d like?
  • Are you in a slump?
  • Do you have fear of failure?
  • Do you want to be more competitive?
  • Want to feel more confident?
  • Do you want to feel more relaxed and enjoy yourself?


Lisa’s coaching can help you discover what many athletes already know… It’s conquering and gaining control of The Mental Game that will make the difference.

Imagine competing full of confidence, relaxed and tension free. Never be in fear again!


Let’s get you “IN THE ZONE”, that is your true capability.


So many things can determine whether you play well or not. What causes you to play really well one day and poorly on another? When you understand the effects of stress or destructive self-talk, you can see how you can compromise yourself.


The smoking habit is one of the most difficult to break. Research has shown that for the smoker, nicotine can be more difficult to quit than heroin and other drugs are for the addict. People usually start smoking for social reasons or enjoyment of the product. The habitual act of smoking is later used to fill a void or pass time. People often reach for tobacco to replace something else missing in their lives, to fill a hole, so to speak. Once hooked, many spend years or decades trying unsuccessfully to quit.


Rather than getting to the deep seeded reasons for using nicotine, people try all kinds of substitutes for smoking only to go back to the real thing – over and over again! Substituting one form of nicotine for another, as in the case of patches and nicotine gum, only prolongs the addiction. Quitting cold turkey without help has a very low success rate. Food substitution is a major problem and many ex-smokers gain a lot of unwanted, unhealthy weight after they cease lighting up.


Have you tried to quit smoking unsuccessfully? You’re not alone. Millions struggle with the habit every day.


The big difference for you may be a consultation with Lisa Schermerhorn that will empower you to be smoke free, be healthier and enjoy life more than ever.

Quit the smoking habit naturally with no weight gain

or nicotine cravings.

Improve Your Test Scores

Test taking is always stressful, especially when you are applying to colleges, taking the Bar Exam or any other test that may have a huge impact on the direction of your life. You want to keep your stress level under control.


What if you were able to reduce the fear spinning around in your head and just focus on the answers to the test? What if you could relax and know that you are doing the best you can? Relaxing before your exam is the best way to perform well.  Lisa will teach you a simple yet powerful technique that you can use to reduce your stress level and allow you to focus and relax.


Find love and forgiveness deep inside you and release what does not serve you.

Stuck/ Overwhelm

For those of you who don’t need coaching and are looking for a faster way to accomplish their goals, Lisa has the gift of seeing what is in your way and releasing those blocks. Many of us have emotions stored deep in our unconscious mind and we have no idea how much those emotions are keeping you from seeing the world as it truly is. We tend to see the world through our wounds such as feeling lonely, unworthy, unlovable or unsuccessful. What if you could release those beliefs? You will have the freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted, just by changing your perspective!

Body Mind Connect

The role of the mind and emotions in your state of health is a vital one.  Science is now beginning to recognize the powerful connection of your emotional state and how it can directly affect health outcomes. Stress is known to cause 70% of diseases. Beliefs you hold about yourself, your emotions, your memories, and your habits all can influence your mental and physical health.  It’s important to look at your conscious and unconscious beliefs to see if you are holding on to anything that may be contributing to physical issues in your body.


“In Woody Allen’s movie, Annie Hall, Diane Keaton wants to know why he isn’t angry. “I don’t get angry,” Allen replies, “I grow a tumor instead.”


According to Deb Shapiro, author of Your Body Speaks Your Mind;

“From headaches and rashes to cancer and other life-threatening diseases, the symptoms and illnesses that manifest in your body are intricately linked to your mind and emotions. The truth is that you are little more than a chemistry set. All your thoughts and feelings get translated into chemicals that fire off throughout your body, altering the chemical composition and behavior of your cells.”