Healing - Lisa Schermerhorn
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Let Lisa help with your healing

Past Life Regression

Although many people accept the principle of reincarnation — that we are eternal beings, animating many different human bodies and personalities across the ages – many do not realize the profound, complex, and subtle ways that our past life experiences impact our current life and personality. We move in and out of these different “past life personalities” all day unconsciously. When we access those memories; skills, talents, and lessons are integrated into your current lifetime.


Are you curious or looking to find answers? Either way, you will find a Past Live Regression a powerful and transformational experience.

Ancestral Healing

Heal Inherited Ancestral Wounds

Did you know that your great-great-grandmother may have an influence on your behavior and decision making without you even knowing?

Not only do we carry beliefs from our childhood, but we also inherit beliefs from our parents, grandparents, and up to seven generations back.

In a study conducted by Kerry Ressler, a neurobiologist and psychiatrist at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia,  mice were introduced a chemical smell while they simultaneously received an electric shock until they associated shock with the smell.  This fear was found to be transferred on to their “grandpups” thus confirming that fearful memories are passed down and can be inherited.  More details here.

If your ancestor had an experience that went unhealed, that experience can be passed down throughout their descendants. You could be carrying beliefs around such as scarcity, rejection, not feeling safe, and inability to trust that don’t even belong to you.

Do you recognize family patterns that are dysfunctional? You may be a candidate for ancestral healing.

Life Between Lives

Based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton, journey to the place between lives. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be between lives? Experience what many others have! Discover your Soul’s Thumbprint! Who are you at a soul level and are you on the right track in this lifetime? Meet your spirit guide, your soul group, visit the Akashic records where all of the information about you since your soul’s inception is stored. Discover why you chose this life and whether or not you are going in the right direction. This requires two sessions; the first session is a full past life regression. You return a week later, experience two past life regressions in a row and then travel to the heaven’s consciousness, also known as the place between lives. This requires a total of five hours, two the first week and three hours the next. It’s a life changing experience.

Soul Retrieval

Many indigenous people believe in an upper world, middle word and a lower world.  These do not represent heaven and hell or a religion. They believe that the spirits are in the upper world and our Power Animals or Animal Totems reside in the lower world.  They also believe that parts of our soul leave when it experiences shock.

Any event that causes shock could cause soul loss. What might cause soul loss in one person might not cause soul loss in another.
Soul loss is considered a good thing; it is how we survive pain. We have this brilliant self protect mechanism where a part of our soul leaves the body so that we do not feel the full impact of the pain.  A traditional Shaman will drum or rattle and retrieve the part or parts for you from the lower world. Read More