Speaking - Lisa Schermerhorn
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Are you looking for someone to speak at your company, school or organization?

Lisa speaks on mindfulness and the subconscious mind drawing on almost two decades of training and a lifetime of experience. Here are a few sample topics where Lisa uses her expertise to educate people about.

Contact Lisa for these or any other topics you may be interested in.

You Have the Ability to Impact Your Financial Life By the Way You Think!


Do you want to be successful? What do you think about people who have a lot of money? If you believe that people with money are unhappy, cold and miserable, why would you want to attract it? Lisa helps you take at look at your beliefs, release any negative thoughts around being wealthy so that you can use the law of attraction to put you on the path to success!


• Being You Should Be Easy and Effortless!


What is Your Programming From Your Childhood? Lisa teaches you how to release those negative beliefs that don’t belong to you and live an authentic and happy life.


• Change your mind, change your life!


How do you see the world? Many things affect your perspective. Lisa will give you tools to shift to a happier more positive way of looking at your life. When you shift into the feeling of gratitude, you will have more peace, be more productive, have a work life balance and have less sick days.


• Do Your Beliefs Reflect Your Goals and Dreams?

Did you get sidetracked in your life, living a life for others and not your own. Lisa will help you take a look at your goals and see if you are in alignment with them.

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Being you should be easy and effortless.

When you are in a job that you are in alignment with,
you are happier, more productive and have less sick days.

• The Body Mind Connection and The Power of the Mind to Heal the Body.


The role of the mind and emotions in your state of health is a vital one.  Science is now beginning to recognize the powerful connection of your emotional state and how it can directly affect health outcomes. Stress is known to cause 70% of diseases. Beliefs you hold about yourself, your emotions, your memories, and your habits all can influence your mental and physical health.  It’s important to look at your conscious and unconscious beliefs to see if you are holding on to anything that may be contributing to physical issues in your body.


• Step Into the Second Half of Your Life With Passion and Purpose!


Who says life has to stop at retirement? Many people find what they love in the second part of their lives. Give yourself permission to go back to school, take up a craft or start a new business. What do you want to be when you grow up?


• The Power of Mindfulness and Meditation to Change Your Life!


Before opening your eyes in the morning, in the half-awake half-asleep twilight state, have you ever noticed how your mind generates creative solutions, deep insights, dream-like imagery & symbolism?


Like an iceberg, there is a great deal under the surface of our conscious, everyday level of thinking — hidden from view. Best known as the “subconscious” and “unconscious,” these powerful mind layers do much of our thinking. By meditating and slowing down your monkey mind, you will tap into that brilliance, relieve stress and improve your health.