Speaking - Lisa Schermerhorn
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Are you looking for someone to speak at your company, school or organization?

Lisa speaks on mindfulness and the subconscious mind drawing on almost two decades of training and a lifetime of experience. Here are a few sample topics where Lisa uses her expertise to educate people about.

Contact Lisa for these or any other topics you may be interested in.

Discover Your Why

The first step in self-awareness is discovering your WHY. The next step is discovering your WHY.os: your WHY, HOW, and WHAT. This will show you WHY you do what you do, HOW you bring your WHY to life, and WHAT people can ultimately count on from you. This is the operating system that drives you.


The audience will uncover their internal motivation and their external message. This goes beyond their WHY and allows for them to articulate who they are to the world in a simple, clear, and powerful way.


They will leave this presentation with a complete 3D understanding of themselves!


Communicate WHY to WHY

Do you ever look at someone and wonder…what is going on inside their head? Do you ever wonder why people don’t think the way you do?


This is a transformative topic where you learn how the WHYs communicate.


When you know the WHY of those you are engaged with, it will change your relationships, professional teams, and business. You will know how one another thinks, how to speak to get through to them, and know what motivates them. You won’t have to rely on hope when it comes to communication, you will know.


The audience will leave this presentation knowing how to better communicate and understand themselves and the people they live and work with.

Book Lisa for a speaking engagement.

Improve Employee Engagement and Retention by Starting with WHY

According to a Gallup poll from 2017, only 32% of employees are engaged.  When their Why is aligned with the company they work for, engagement increases to 70%.


When you know the Why of your employees, you can place them into the perfect positions where they are motivated and will thrive. They will have more energy for what they do, be much more productive, and actually look forward to coming to work. This reduces the chance for burnout and less sick time.


Your audience will leave this presentation with a better understanding of putting the right person in the right position and the importance of knowing someone’s WHY, there is no longer any guess work.

Where Truth Lies


What would you do if you discovered that most of what you believe about yourself is a lie? Discover how to identify and release your lies and uncover your undisputed Truth.


Most of us have lived lives programmed by parents, teachers, friends, socioeconomic status, news, culture, religion, and even genetics. In this talk, you will discover the different ways you have been lied to, lied to yourself, and lied to others unconsciously. Living a lie often causes fear, regret, stress, unhappiness, and an inability to reach your full potential.


Your audience will learn how to understand their Lies, where they come from, and walk away with ways to help them discover their Truth.

Money Beliefs and Its Impact on Your Success


Did you know that people who are successful can have scarcity issues? There are people who feel that no matter how much they make, it never feels like enough? Most people don’t realize that negative experiences with money as a child can define their relationship with it as an adult? People can also inherit beliefs, which has been proven through the science of Epigenetics. If someone has had a relative who experienced a famine, financial depression, war, or many other traumas, their ancestor’s beliefs can be passed down. When this happens, people will act these beliefs out unconsciously.


Your audience will learn to look at money and success from a new perspective. They will discover new ways of looking at the root cause of their negative programming and learn tools to release those beliefs so they can enjoy their success and be at peace.