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Are you ready to look at the mental beliefs that are keeping your goals out of reach?
Are you ready to make real changes?

Leadership Journey

Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills?

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Ideas and experiences at home and abroad
  • You Are Not Your Own Best Friend Now that the New Year is upon us, have you made any resolutions? Shed Pounds, Make More Money, Stop Drinking, Stop Smoking, Unplug from Social Media?

  • Recently I posted an article on Facebook about people who are Empaths, also known as people who feel or take on what other people are feeling or experiencing.  Many people reached out to me about having this issue, but they were unaware that there was a word for it or that there was anything that they could do about it.

  • It makes you feel good to be of service to others and it can pull you out of a serious funk when you see someone else light up with a smile. I am seeing more and more people living this way. Like Paying it forward!

Join Lisa on her international and domestic retreats.  Lisa has created a sacred space for well-being and personal/professional development. Her quiet, private, gentle environment has been found to be transformative for those who have visited.  Here, you will experience exquisite sunrises over the mountains of Vermont and a sense of true peace.

She offers group retreats that promote a clarity, focus and motivation.  She works with many individuals facing burnout integrating techniques and skills acquired over the past 2o years.  Her sole purpose is to help people enhance their well being, improve their performance and live a full and meaningful life. Her goal is to guide her clients and athlete’s to a winner’s mentality.

Lisa graduated from Simmons College with a B.A in Management.  She is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Hypnotherapist, Emotional Release Method Practitioner and Certified in Bob Reese’s Winners Mentality Program.  Bob is a former head trainer for the NY Jets.


She owned the Indigo Wellness Center in the greater Boston area and was Vice President of Business Development for MeditainmentVR, a virtual reality company that helps people de-stress, and lower pain levels without medication.  Lisa was also was one of their lead developers, creating cutting edge guided meditations to help people enhance their lives.